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Guess the Story Behind This Flag

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👉 Have you ever seen the flag of the Italian Navy?

🇮🇹 It represents a coat of arms that gathers other 4 within itself.

They are the insignia of 4 cities that have made the history of the Mediterranean, the so-called Maritime Republics:

1️⃣ Amalfi,

2️⃣ Pisa,

3️⃣ Genoa,

4️⃣ Venice.

The flag was invented in the 19th century, but the history of the Maritime Republics begins 1.000 years earlier!

⌛️ Therefore, if you decide to sign up your boat in the Italian Registers, you’ll be carrying with you the insignia of a millenary history. 🕶

Let’s discover it together soon. Stay tuned!