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A Tower Leaning Over the Sea

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⌛️In the past, the city of Pisa was situated on the sea🌊, and between 1.000 and 1.400, it dominated the commercial routes of the Mediterranean💪.

Over time, the sea has receded, but despite this, mooring at the new port ⚓️ ( ), you can rest in the shadow of the famous Leaning Tower just ten kilometers away. ❗

Also located nearby are the international airport✈️, which connects the city with the main European destinations, and railway station 🚆leads easily to some of the Italian pearls: Florence, Genoa, Rome.

The Tyrrhenian coast near Pisa is low and sandy, inserted in a regional park with beautiful natural attractions.

⛵️Sailing north or south, you can find higher and more varied coasts in Liguria or after Livorno.

When moving away a bit, you can reach the beautiful Elba Island or other smaller islands such as Gorgona and Capraia.🏖