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A Lighthouse, a City

The highest lighthouse in the Mediterranean (77 meters) is located in Genoa. They call it “the Lantern”🏮 and it is the symbol of the city’s port, as it has watched over it for centuries⏳

Genoa is the third maritime republic we’re writing about since it has competed with Venice 🛶 for supremacy on sea routes for a long time. A single post is not enough to recount all the events that this lighthouse witnessed, but at its feet much of the history of the ancient and modern world took place.

👉 And still today, Genoa attracts many visitors every year with a great exhibition dedicated to the best of international nautical world.

The city has excellent connections not only by sea 🌊 but also by land 🛤 ( it is only 150 km from Milan) and by air ✈️ with its international airport.

A few steps from the center you can find charming marinas where you can stop to visit the city and from which you can head for wonderful routes to explore the Ligurian Sea, such as Portofino or the so called “Cinque Terre”.

But we’ll talk about these stunning places another time 🔜

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