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A Calm Sea

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The Adriatic Sea is the shallowest sea in Italy, therefore the richest in fish.

It is a kind of large inlet of the Mediterranean that stretches from Veneto🍷 to Puglia🍝

The coast is mainly low and sandy that is why it attracts thousands of tourists⛱ every year. The main points of high and rocky coast are the promontory of Conero, near Ancona and the one of Gargano, further south in Puglia.

Just in proximity of the Gargano emerge the beautiful Tremiti Islands 🏝.

Along its 900 km of coastline many marinas offer a mooring point and stop over for cruising in a north-south direction or to sail towards Croatia 🇭🇷 In fact it takes just a few hours by motor boat to reach its coast from Ancona.

Let’s discover them together! 🙌