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Boating in Italy Made Easy

This Blog is intended to help all those who love sailing or boating to have an insight into all the wonders that Italy can offer: sun, sea, spaghetti and mandolin… and much much more

So, whether you are a young enthusiast, a veteran looking for new adventures, a simple tourist wishing to enjoy a bit of relaxation, or a digital nomad, we aim to introduce you to the world of Italian boating to help you find the solution that suits your needs.

With its 8.000 km of coastline, its beautiful islands, lakes, climate, and culture, the wide variety of food and wine Italy offers an incomparable heritage.

Yet many sailors, mariners, etc. are not aware of all the opportunities that this small territory offers.

Certainly, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan are cities to visit at least once in a lifetime. Still, thousands of other places allow us to enjoy the Italian lifestyle as well, and the element of water is one of its best ingredients.