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How to Buy a Boat – part 4

The possibility of a direct purchase from the previous owner should not be excluded either.

In that case, you can also carry out the search 🧐 via non-specialised sales portals, such as or ,

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to come across advertisements written by professional operators through unofficial channels or, on the contrary, others that are not very detailed ❓ because the seller is unable to provide accurate and complete information .

That’s why an effective, although much more laborious, method is to walk🚶 around the docks and read the sale notices posted directly on the boats or on the notice boards in the nautical clubs.

Of course the process will take much longer ⏳, but it has the advantage that you can see the boat in person.

And most importantly, it is much more fun!! 😉

You might want to consider this if you are thinking of spending a few holidays at sea and cruising around a few harbours before buying a boat of your own.