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A light in the darkness- Island of Tino

If one night 1500 years ago 🔙 you found yourself sailing near Porto Venere ⛵, a light in the darkness would have allowed you to spot the island of Tino and to avoid collisions.

Then you should have thanked 🙏 Abbot Venerio, who at some time in his life decided to retire there as a hermit.

Although he lived in isolation, he was willing to be of service to seafarers by lighting a fire 🔥 every night on the summit of the islet.

Later on, a lighthouse was built 🏗 on the same site and many years later a further, even larger one was erected.

They are still in use and make navigation in the Gulf of Poets more secure.

The hermit Venerio is still commemorated today as a saint 😇, the patron saint of the Gulf of La Spezia and the protector of “fanalisti”, namely the keepers and maintainers 🛠 of lighthouses!

Saint Venerio is celebrated on 1️⃣3️⃣ September. On this day a procession in which the statue of the saint is transferred by sea from La Spezia to ➡️ the island of Tino takes place.

It is permitted to visit the island only on this occasion by following the procession.

In fact, throughout the rest of the year it is not accessible ⛔ as it is currently a military base.